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The most powerful talent experience platform and Workday unite for hyper-personalization throughout the talent lifecycle. Propel your business forward with Phenom experiences that guarantee candidates find the best fit jobs, recruiters become more productive, employees evolve, and management gains the insights they need.

Power Your Business with Talent Experience Management

The candidate and employee lifecycle has changed dramatically in recent years. Where companies once had a disjointed approach to talent acquisition, candidates engaged passively, and processes were manual, the application of automation and artificial intelligence to talent management brings a new set of standards.

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What is Talent Experience Management?

With talent experience management, each interaction throughout the talent lifecycle is connected. The result is hyper-personalized, automated experiences for candidates to find the right jobs, recruiters to become more productive, employees to evolve, and management to gain the insights to make key business decisions.

Transform with Phenom & Workday

Phenom provides an AI-based SaaS platform that connects every interaction across the four critical talent experiences, also known as talent experience management. With Workday Recruiting and Phenom, Collaborative delivers one seamless, connected talent platform to propel your business forward.

How to Transform with Collaborative and Phenom

Advisory Services
Prepare your business for change and ensure full user adoption with strategy and change management support.
Deployment Services
Partner with Collaborative to deliver total talent transformation in your organization.
Continuous Value Services
Increase adoption, optimize your talent platform and processes, and increase the ROI of your cloud-based system.

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