Financial Services and Insurance

Digital Transformation in Financial Services
and Insurance

Financial services organizations including banking and insurance have seen their industries change dramatically as new technologies and new disruptors enter the market. To stay competitive, many of these organizations are embracing Workday to help them in their digital transformation process. Collaborative Solutions has the industry knowledge, Workday expertise, and global resources to guide a digital transformation in financial services and insurance.

The Skills and Expertise to Help You Excel

Deep Industry Expertise
You need a partner that knows how to use Workday to address industry specific challenges. Leverage Collaborative’s expertise with digital transformation financial services and insurance and our long track record of successful Workday deployments in these industries.
A Leading Workday Consultancy
You want to get the most out of Workday and need a consultancy that can help you achieve this. Collaborative combines some of the best Workday experts with proprietary solutions, such as our DAYTONA extraction, transformation, and loading tool, to provide unparalleled Workday support.
Flexible Deployment and Post-Deployment Support
Since your enterprise is unique, you need a partner that can tailor its services to best meet your needs. Collaborative offers different deployment and post-deployment solutions based on organization size, complexity, and digital maturity model.
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Client-Focused Solutions
You want to ensure that your Workday solution delivers on your organizational goals. For Collaborative, delivering a great experience and helping clients to achieve their objectives is part of our culture. The result is a 98% client satisfaction rate.

Our Clients

Service Types

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Advisory Services
We provide strategic planning and advisory services to prepare for your Workday journey and enable the success of your journey by focusing on the People, Process, Technology and Governance components of digital transformation.
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Deployment Services
Using our proprietary Cynergy methodology, we can guide your organization through every step of the deployment process, from the initial planning and data auditing to go-live.
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Continuous Value Services
Get the most ROI possible from Workday and improve operational efficiency with Collaborative. Our post-deployment services include update support, custom integration development, and training.

How to Transform with Collaborative and Workday

Financial Management
Plan, execute, and see the value of your finance transformation. As the longest-tenured and leading Workday partner, Collaborative has the proven expertise to help you realize your financial management goals.
Human Capital Management
HR is the backbone of every organization. To plan for the future and adapt to change quickly, you need to bring unity and visibility to all HR functions. Enter Workday and Collaborative Solutions- the leading partners to achieve your HR transformation goals.
Prepare for success with enterprise planning. In today’s world, you need business planning software that empowers your organization to plan for every scenario and adapt quickly to change.

Achieving Cost-Effective Financial Services Modernization

Financial services modernization can go over budget if not managed properly. Learn how to keep costs in line and your project on-track.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Virtus Investment Advisers - customer grayscale logo

“I believe Collaborative Solutions helped us achieve our goals for a more efficient financial operations and close process. During design, Collaborative helped us incorporate best practices and challenged us to transform processes in a new way.”

Nicole Stephenson, AVP, Financial Operations - Virtus Investment Partners
Blue Cross Blue Shield NC - customer grayscale logo

"Collaborative is an extension of my team. I feel like we are great partners and just another team member.”

Andy Miles, HRIT Manager - Blue Cross Blue Shield NC

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