AppLearn Consulting and Support

User adoption is one of the biggest roadblocks to the success of a new cloud ERP system. AppLearn is a digital adoption platform designed to improve user adoption and ensure that organizations see a strong return on their technology investment.

Why AppLearn?

AppLearn provides a variety of tools to help users learn how to utilize their new ERP, including in-app training, a centralized location for all instructional materials, in-app surveys, and in-app popups for better communication. The platform also provides analytics and dashboards, giving organizations the ability to identify challenges and gauge adoption rates. AppLearn focuses on creating a simple, intuitive user experience that makes it easy for employees to troubleshoot or find the answer to an app related question. This results in less service tickets and reduced IT resources.

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Workday & AppLearn

Workday has the capacity to deliver incredible value to your organization, but only if your team knows how to use the ever-improving, comprehensive features. By combining AppLearn with Workday, your organization can improve user adoption and ensure you generate the most value possible from your technology investment.

Digital Adoption Platform Services

Ensure that your organization seamlessly uses AppLearn throughout its Workday journey. Collaborative combines extensive knowledge of Workday, AppLearn expertise, and hands-on experience with change management and training to help your organization increase adoption rates and achieve the benefits of Workday more quickly.

How to Transform with Collaborative and Workday

Advisory Services
Collaborative provides change management and strategy services that incorporate AppLearn for maximum results.
Deployment Services
Collaborative deploys AppLearn along with your cloud ERP, creating a more seamless experience.
Continuous Value Services
Collaborative partners with your organization post-deployment to develop new learnings, address adoption challenges, and support you through major ERP updates.

AppLearn Adopt Micro-Video Series

Learn how Collaborative's organizational change and training expertise combined with AppLearn Adopt will empower you to drive successful business outcomes.

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