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The Many Roads to Reporting: A Panel Discussion on Improving Government Reporting

State and local governments face challenges with internal and external reporting, especially with outdated systems. This problem is compounded by the fact that a large portion of their budgets are dedicated to maintaining existing technology, meaning they can’t commit the necessary resources to upgrade their reporting capabilities. Research shows agencies are spending half of their annual IT budgets, or $35.7 billion, maintaining and supporting legacy technology. So, how can government reporting be improved?

Watch our webinar discussion to hear how City of Rochester, Buncombe County, and City of Ontario leveraged Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management to address challenges around government reporting and how each agency improved and simplified their operations with accurate, real-time reports. During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Lessons learned for addressing the complexity and challenges of government reporting.
  • Examples on budgets and annual earnings reports, and understand how to build a better budget process for government agencies in Workday.
  • Best practices for government reporting and how to make better decisions with a cloud-based system for financial and HR data.


  • Collaborative Solutions: Danielle White, Vice President, Strategy & Transformation
  • Buncombe County: Sherri Banks, Business Systems Manager & Matt Evans, Financial Planning Analyst
  • City of Rochester: Brenda Brumfield, Workday Administrator & Tassie Demps, Director of Human Resource Management
  • City of Ontario: Toni McNaughton, Principal IT Analyst & Reed Sigler, Senior HR Analyst

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