Virtual Learning Series:

Shedding Light on Your Dark Data with Workday Prism Analytics

Watch our webinar as we discuss how organizations like yours can discover value within their untapped data that helps generate insights today, and prepare for even greater opportunities in the years ahead. Workday Prism Analytics is the catalyst to gaining value from your organizational data that is sitting idle. By shedding light on this dark data, your organization has the opportunity to turn previously unknown correlations into powerful insights.

By listening to this webinar, you’ll:

  1.  Learn how Prism Analytics provides a single source of connection between your disparate systems.
  2. Understand how to gain efficiencies through automation and integration of current manual processes
  3. Manage permissions, that change with your organization, while empowering your employees to see data that’s relevant to them

Note: Please use your work email to watch this webinar.

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