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Russell Investment Group was looking for ways to improve data integrity and access across its global offices. Workday’s solutions were the best fit and Collaborative Solutions was chosen to deploy it.

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Russell Investment Group (Russell) is a global asset management company based in Seattle, Washington with offices in 24 countries. They created the Russell Global Indexes performance benchmarks used for analyzing and updating investment performance and manage over $150 billion in assets for their customers. Russell is continually ranked among the top 100 in Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work for in America," and is always looking for ways to better serve the needs of their investors and their workforce.

The Challenge

Russell was looking for ways to improve data integrity and access across its global offices. It was also a good time to re-examine its business processes, as current non-standardized processes were causing productivity issues among employees who were inputting duplicative data and doing everything manually. Russell wanted to remove and replace PeopleSoft with a more unified solution that would be able to grow globally with the company. Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solution was the best fit for Russell’s business case, and Russell chose Collaborative Solutions to deploy it.

The Solution

Collaborative Solutions deployed Workday HCM, Compensation, and Absence Planning. Collaborative Solutions was also responsible for the design and development of 12 integrations. Our PeopleSoft background allowed us to work through “customization to configuration” issues that typically arise during a PeopleSoft-to-Workday migration. Collaborative Solutions worked with end users to design logical business processes that could handle their global needs. The project’s budget was kept on track and under control, and the deployment was completed in five months.

The Result

Workday allowed Russell Investments to reduce the costs, inefficiencies, and risks associated with utilizing multiple antiquated systems. With this new business process model, dual data entry and hard-to-access analytics are a thing of the past. Russell now has standard global processes across over 20 countries, and the project came in under budget.




Financial Services

Employee Count

3,000 employees


Workday HCM,


Full deployment

Date Live on Workday


Length of Project:

5 months


  • Legacy system could not handle international needs
  • Managers were doing too much work manually
  • No standardized business process across the company
  • Increasing costs due to maintaining an antiquated system


  • Replaced PeopleSoft with Workday as single system of record
  • Reduced time spent doing manual data entry
  • Lowered cost of ownership by eliminating redundant processes
  • Gave employees better tools and processes to help them do their jobs more efficiently

The Collaborative Experience

“Collaborative Solutions guided us from start to finish, enabling our end users to take full advantage of the new system's benefits. Collaborative demonstrated a commitment to excellence throughout the engagement, and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

Scott Novotny, Project Sponsor


Russell Investments

Russell was looking for ways to improve data integrity and access across its global offices. Collaborative Solutions deployed Workday HCM, Compensation, and Absence Management, and streamlined the organization’s global business processes.



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