HR Strategies for Workforce Recovery

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The workforce plan that you developed in January obviously won’t cut it anymore, and even the one you made for the pandemic won’t be as useful for after the pandemic. If you’re like most businesses right now, the focus is on workforce flexibility and cost-management. But that doesn’t mean you should stop planning. Organizations that create strategic workforce plans experience an average of 10% higher business outcomes such as revenue per employee.

External workers can help your business scale up and scale down, and if you have visibility over all your suppliers and consultants, you can manage total workforce costs. Gartner itself identified the expanded use of contingent workers as one of the nine key trends facing HR leaders after the crisis.

In this session, we plan to explore what strategic workforce planning looks like in the recovery phase of this crisis. This includes your workforce composition but also talent acquisition, job redesign, reskilling, digital adoption, and employer brand.

Watch to hear:

  • How can organizations scale their workforce in the recovery?
  • What are the talent strategies that need to adapt within HR?
  • What are the implications of strategic workforce planning for the contingent workforce?

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