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Driving Digital Adoption for Higher Education

Do you have challenges with onboarding employees to new technologies and digital ways of working? Does your campus experience low adoption and its effects on poor data quality as you introduce modern technology applications?

Join Collaborative Solutions as we share industry insight about digital transformation and the impact it can have to build a modern campus. Digital transformation is a reimagining of how technology, people, processes, and data work together to meet organizational strategies today, and it provides the foundation for meeting strategies in the future. 

While digital transformation originally focused on the customer experience, and most recently has been focused in terms of employee experience, transformation should also focus on all technology consumers—including faculty, students, alumni, and the community. Since a key pillar of success of a digital transformation is the impact to people, a Digital Adoption Strategy is critical to enabling the transformation to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

During the webinar, you will learn how change management drives digital adoption to:

  • Drive early awareness, and provide better onboarding, of the workforce to a “new way of working”
  • Bridge the gap between IT and functional users to accelerate adoption of tools
  • Support sustainability for positive user adoption
  • For new customers, help assess your business readiness as you deploy your Workday solution(s)

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