Virtual Deployments
with Collaborative Solutions

Cynergy Stages 4.6.2020

Not sure how to deploy Workday 100% virtually?

We can help! Our Cynergy™ Methodology - which has been used to deploy to over 1,000 customers - has a successful track record of supporting our customers completely virtually. See our virtual customer snapshots here!

We are here to empower you to move forward with your deployment and enable efficient decision-making along the way. Bookmark this video library to watch all the videos explaining how Collaborative will continue to support you at each stage of the project with our Cynergy™ Methodology. For more virtual resources, check out our resource hub!

Virtual Meeting Basics with Collaborative Solutions

Download PDF: International Virtual Meeting Tips & Tricks! 

PLAN: Virtual Planning
ARCHITECT: Virtual Architect Workshops
CONFIGURE/PROTOTYPE: Virtual Customer Confirmation Sessions
TEST: Testing Management in a Virtual Deployment
DEPLOY: Virtual Go-Live
Virtual Training
Virtual Change Management