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Continuous Planning for a Changing World

The changing world demands more agility in operations and planning. Historically, plans were a point-in-time representation, but as the external environment changes quicker, the challenge is to complete a plan before the underlying assumptions become obsolete.

Continuous planning requires a mindset change away from date-driven monthly or quarterly planning cycles, towards event-driven plans. Events drive actions, so when those actions are reflected in your plan, you can predict future outcomes and view actionable insights.

It is no surprise that organisations must operate quickly. Therefore, continuous plans also need to be assumption-driven with a focus on process optimization. This keeps plans up to date, accurate, and drives organisational decisions based on the plan rather than educated guesses.

Watch this webinar to understand how to:

  • Develop continuous plans that are event-driven, not date-driven
  • Involve decision-makers and stakeholders for collaborative planning
  • Focus on assumption-driven agile plans

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