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Tidemark and Workday Insights

Collaborative is a key link between Tidemark and Workday, as the only consulting firm with dual Workday and Tidemark offerings. Our experts understand the valuable overlap between these two dynamic systems.

Reporting and Analytics in the Cloud

To support our Workday customers further, we have partnered with and are now the primary consulting services partner for Tidemark, a leading cloud-based enterprise performance management platform and enterprise analytics application.  As the leading Workday Certified FP&A solution, Tidemark’s disruptive technologies enhance Workday's Financial Management Applications’ functionality.

Deploying Tidemark empowers Workday customers to transform their financial planning, forecasting, and modeling analytics into a strategic force within the organization. This results in increased profitability and reduced costs, and allows customers to gain competitive advantage by becoming more responsive to changing market conditions.

Big Data

We can help you:

  • Consolidate existing data sources
  • Identify financial and operational key performance indicators
  • Understand business decisions being made and how they impact your company’s performance
  • Track and make sense of financial and operational data
  • Take advantage of the interoperability between Tidemark and Workday
  • Create standard business processes across your global organization for budgeting, planning, and forecasting


  • “Collaborative Solutions lives up to their name. They are very collaborative, willing to help, and willing to dig in, get their hands dirty, and just get things done. No more paper forms, no more long paper trails! It’s just been wonderful.” 

    Megan Caldwell, Project Manager - Masonic Villages

  • “The consultants at Collaborative guided us from start to finish, enabling our end users to take full advantage of the new system’s benefits. Collaborative demonstrated a commitment to excellence throughout the engagement and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.” 

    Scott Novotny, HR Technology & Operations Manager - Russell Investment Group

  • “Awesome, fantastic, incredible. The team at Collaborative Solutions put in a lot of hard work and the results have been impressive. They really did an amazing job.” 

    Joan Schaper, Head of Data and Development Centers and Organizational Development - Morningstar


Big Data 101: Workday Insight Applications

Workday Insight Applications are, for many, what they’ve been envisioning when they hear about the benefits of “big data.” With the introduction of Workday Insight Applications, Workday changed the game completely and raised the bar yet again by moving into predictive analysis.

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