Ask the Experts Q&A Series: Considerations in Response to COVID-19
Time Tracking, Absence, and Payroll

Are you wondering how your organization’s Time Tracking, Absence Management, and Payroll might be impacted by COVID-19? Do you have questions about how to update your configuration in response to recent federal legislation? Join Collaborative Solutions’ Workday experts in Time Tracking, Absence, Payroll, Organizational Change & Training, and Strategy to hear questions and guidance on how to manage changes to systems, people, processes, and organization.

During this discussion, you’ll:

  1. Hear candid questions and answers about how to update Workday configuration in relation to Time Tracking, Absence Management, and Payroll
  2. Understand how recent federal legislation affects your current setup and procedures
  3. Learn how to manage changes in technology, people, and processes in your organization

Speakers include:

  • Danielle White, Vice President, Global Customer Engagement
  • Angela Ward, Practice Leader, Strategy
  • Blake Williams, Strategy Advisor
  • Nick Paulo, Director, Consulting Services
  • Jordan Reck, Senior Manager, Organizational Change & Training
  • Kevin Carlson, Senior Manager, Continuous Value Services
  • Chuck Xeroteres, Manager, Continuous Value Services
  • Karen Craig, Senior Manager, Continuous Value Services

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